Sand Dunes Tutorial – TTGL Behind The Scenes

Many wondered how I got the sand dunes done in this pic (below) 😀 So in this article, I will be showing you what I did behi

Matoi Ryuko Caturday – Using Reflectors For Your Figurine Photography with

I’m in the mood of creating yet another tutorial so here it is, just a simple one regarding reflectors. How Reflectors W

Kiryuuin Satsuki Caturday – Behind The Scenes Single Light Setup with Monitor

Firstly I would like to thank the community at MyFigureCollection for their participation, the response to the photo was overw

So much food!

Fate/Grand Order – Sakura Saber/Souji Okita 1/7 Complete Figure #goodsmilecompany #anime #figurephotostudio #figurephoto

Mako’s Love for Gattsu!!!

Mako's Valentine's Day with Gattsu! #nendoroidphotography #toyphotography #figurephotography #nendography #nendoworld

Happy Valentine’s Day with Mikoto and Kuroko!

Kuroko :Onee-sama!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! Mikoto : Weh? We're in school!! Can't this wait!? #nendoroidphotograp

What Color? – Tsunemori Akane (Nendoroid) from Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is an amazing show and those of you who followed the series would’ve know who Tsunemori Akane. In this setup

Having Fun at School!

Now before we begin with the details of the shoot, I would like to start by talking about CONCEPTS. Concepts help make your fi

Celebrating Miku Day (ミクの日) with Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0

I’m neither a fan of Miku nor Vocaloid but I can’t deny that their characters are absolutely cute, especially the

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