Staying in with Cat Ear Maria

Here’s my latest work – Cat Ear Maria, a character from Hayate No Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler) which is everyone’s favorite maid from Hayate the Combat Butler ….. and perhaps an all-time favorite too.

It took me a long while to get the idea running, initially the plan was for a kitchen, then a living room, then outdoors, then it’s back to something like indoors and I was a little loss on the background until I tried putting some random stuff and it turns out ………. .looking like a kitchen!

For this photo I went with warm background that emulates sunset, the warm colors is also to match with her cool colored clothing.

I also used textured acrylic panel on the right side instead of a clear type, this helps as I need not worry about the background. More importantly the whole scene is of a similar warm hue. I went with a dark brown texture on the floor to emphasize the shadow and also having some textures around, matching her shoes.

The output has very minimal post-processing required. Frame is not cropped.

Observe how the light shines through the window to give her an outline, and also to cast shadows on the floor to provide realism.

– 1/15 | f/4 | ISO 400
– Nikon D750 – Tamron SP90 Macro lens.

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