Tempura Soba with Love, Yuubari – Behind The Scenes

Hi all, welcome to yet another Behind The Scenes series of my signature pics. This is the 2nd of the series based on “Love” 🙂 The feeling you have when you meet someone you love.

Her voice line is “It’s now 12 o’clock. I want to eat something nice for lunch today. Maybe Tempura soba?”, and that’s what the theme is based on. source

Love and Food – she’s offering her tempura soba to you, it’s around noon. The idea behind this setup started off as a kitchen but I had a change of plan and went on with restaurant / diner feel instead.

The corner table was created by joining a few wood panels, creating an L-shaped corner, sand and painted to give the color and texture you see.

The floor is custom sticker texture, nothing special but I must say they look good.

To add to the feeling of the place I need more furniture, in comes the bar stool of which I created by combining fridge magnet for the base, a wooden stick for the stem and bottle caps for the seat cushion.

Once this is done I had to plan for the background, I went with a frosted / smoked acryclic panel on the right side to frame the character while on the left I used some wooden tray deco that I have from my commercial work

As for the final touch I used some plants that I had from my commercial work, I placed one on a pot which is a painted tooth paste cap, and then the rest I placed behind the clear panel to add to the feel of the place, giving it a little more life while not distracting the subject.

You would’ve noticed by now the choice of colors are on the warm side, that’s to match with her generally cool colored unit form. The off-white background was chosen to give the subject more emphasis.

Now on to the lighting, 2 main lights at the back, one to shine through the wood panels and the other through the acrylic. Notice how the shadows were created on the table and floor.

2 reflectors were added near the diorama to cast additional light on Yuubari, and a unit of Slickforce lamp was added on the right side of Yuubari to give added illumination.

Notice that there’s enough shadows and highlights on the face to show her facial structure, this includes her nose and down to her chin and jawline and yet the head is distinctly separated from her neck.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like this article and do head over and leave some positive interaction on the photo. [link here]

Other info – she did appear on the anime. 🙂 Guess which episode?

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