R2 Labs – A Case Mod Project

Alright guys, this is what I’ve been working on.

It’s the biggest doll house / diorama I suppose. Plenty of room for mods and details, including expansion.

The idea of this build is to fuse my passion for PC, Case Mod and Figurine Photography into a single project. It’s not the most impressive, given that I’m very green when it comes to modding and it’s also my first time creating a huge diorama and my first time creating a custom water cooling loop – gah the pressure!

That said, the R2 Labs is a science lab for those tiny dolls. The idea of having a fully functional computer as part of a doll house has been in my mind for a while now, in fact I thought of using casings as a doll house but never thought of running a full system, let alone a powerful one and with a custom water cooling loop.

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